YouTube 等其他视频互享服务又被中国大陆封掉了

昨晚兴冲冲给中国的亲友发了一些博客上的链接,主要是想秀给他们看自己最近上传的一些视频,但是被告知没法观看。 想想可能是 YouTube 的问题,于是花了几分钟又上传到另一个视频网站,但还是被告知没法观看。可是我前几天还刚刚通过 分享过另一个视频的。奇怪!




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  1. Freddie Fiallo

    i’m so happy to have come across this site. i don’t feel so alone. last thanksgiving i was driving on windy roads and i never made it home. i crashed headlong into an oak tree and went into a coma. i woke up a week later in the hospital as a baby, once again in diapers, grrr, and also unable to feel any emotion other than sheer happiness and blank confusion, more of the juvenile happiness. all the education, organization skills, comprehension came back to me in fast-forward. one week, i couldn’t comprehend simple addition, the next i was doing multipication(really slowly but i could do it), now, my accident aniversary is coming up and i am closing calculus 1(with an F but shh, don’t tell my dad.) overall, there wer no lingering remenants of the accident, physically or mentally. all i am left with are the memories of the Hospital, of Therapy, and of specialization post-halo therapy. for the most part, it all seems like a long past adventure, not at all a bad experiance because i have learned so much from this ordeal. I have really grown up, even though i am only 17, i feel like in the past year, i have aged 5 years, from the self-center immature brat i was before the acciedent to now, a heartful understand and peaceful christian afterwards. i wouldn’t be the person i am proud to be is this accident had never occured. i wouldn’t want it any other way.


  2. Isiah Tennessee

    I bought a Magellan for use in Costa Rica. The problem is that there is no maps of Costa Rica in Magellan’s format.
    Somebody know how I could adquire a Costa Rica map for Magellan.


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