English Blog

Sometime, I update my English blog as well.

If you are interested, please use the URL of http://lichao.net/eblog to read posts over there.

Thanks for your attention.

— WebGuru

8 Responses to “English Blog”

  1. S. E. Latham

    I am requesting an invitation to Grand Central for a telephone number. I will gladly give one of my ten invites to another. I’ve just ordered the majic jack.

    Thank you – you are kind to be doing this.



    超凡不脱俗 于 June 15th, 2008 回复:

    thanks for your interest on the blog and that post. But unfortunately I do not have any invitations left since GC changed its strategy. Hope others can help you and that was the exact reason why I started this invitation rolling. Good luck.


  2. Adam

    How do you get your site to tranlsate into Chinese? I am desperate to fine a solution.


    超凡不脱俗 于 September 14th, 2008 回复:

    For WordPress itself, you would have to upload the language pack and change the config file. For posts, I did not use any translation plug-ins since I wrote both Chinese and English posts.


  3. kelvin

    I wanted to setup a chinese WP, I installed the WP english version in my server, then i downloaded the zh_CH.mo file from WOPUS and transfer the file to wp-includes/languages folder, and then changed the wp-config.php file as define (‘WPLANG’, ‘zh_CN’);
    It manage to display chinese word for all features available in wp-admin, but when i try to create a new post and save it, it become and converted to those “????” characters in wp-admin and it also display “????” in my web-site
    Can you advice me what is the problem? i follow the above setup from the wordpress forum, anything that i had missed out?
    Thanks in advance for your advice


    超凡不脱俗 于 November 27th, 2008 回复:

    Check your encoding, is it UTF-8? and make sure your MySql supports UTF-8.


  4. Cirurgia Plástica BH

    downloaded the zh_CH.mo file from WOPUS and transfer the file to wp-includes/languages folder,
    your blog is just so beautiful.but the speed from the site is just as slow as an ant moving home!!


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