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Google Voice 终于给 GrandCentral 的用户发信了

上个月就听说 Google Voice 服务的出台。作为 GrandCentral 的老用户当然能猜到这个 Google Voice 肯定是 GC 的一个升级。所以就在等转换的通知。昨天总算“盼”到了Google的来信了(附下)。也不知彻底转过去后有什么本质的变化,待我真正使用再报告吧。 Hello GrandCentral User, We are happy to announce that GrandCentral has been upgraded and is relaunching as Google Voice. While not yet open to the public, we wanted to give you, our GrandCentral users, the first opportunity to start using Google Voice. In addition… Read more »