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How to correctly import no-English (UTF-8) characters from MySql4 into MySql 5.0 with mysqldump

I tried to upgrade my WordPress to 2.9.2 but I had to upgrade my database MySql first since WordPress 2.9.2 requires higher MySQL version. Just like I usually did with the database backup routine, I used “mysqldump” command to export data from MySQL 4.0 and then used “mysql” to import data into MySql 5.0. Everything seemed OK at the first, but I later on found out all my Chinese characters turned into non-readable mess characters.

The problem was my host provider, 1 and 1 located in Europe, uses “latin1-german1_ci” as default database collation. And the dumped SQL script from the MySql 4.0 does not have the database collation information even it is in UTF-8, so all new tables created in the new MySql 5.0 have the latin1_german1_ci as the default collation and latin as the default character set.

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Get error 500 in xmlrpc.php file while using Windows Live Writer with WordPress MU 2.6.5

Upgraded the WLW to built 14.0 and tried to open the posts from my WordPress MU 2.6.5 today, but got error message saying “there was error 500 while processing the file xmlrpc.php”.

Double checked my WP settings and found that the xmlrpc had been turned on already. It seemed to me it was a web server parsing php code error.

After poking around the internet, and concluded that there is an issue with the xmlrpc.php code if the server default service is PHP4. That means if your web server parsing your WordPress php code in PHP4 mode, then you would get problems to view blog posts from Windows Live Writer, and in some case you can not upload images in WLW with xmlrpc method.

I hope there will be a fix soon. But right now, I will have to force my web server to call the WordPress codes in PHP5 mode.

To do so, just add the following two lines at the begining of your .htaccess file.

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php


After that, you just upload the modified .htaccess file and everything should be fine again.

Good Luck!

new changes in wp-config.php for WordPress MU 1.5.1

It has been closely two weeks since WordPress released its latest MU 1.5.1 version. I could not get a chance to upgrade mine till today. Normally I just upload all the newer files but wp-config.php to my server via FTPing. During this upgrading, I noticed that the last modified time for newer version of wp-config-sample.php has been changed. To find out what kind of changes inside, I opened the wp-config-sample.php file.

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How to display random header images in K2 theme of WordPress

Maybe you already knew, but I just found out from my own experience. This afternoon, I tried to update the header image for this blog. I went into the back-end Dashboard, then click Presentation –>Custom Image Header. There I uploaded a new image, and got the confirmation message. But when I came to my live site, I still saw the old header image. No matter how many time I refreshed the screen, and I also purged the browser cache too. When I thought it was the bug of my K2 plugin/theme, I uploaded another new image but amazingly I saw the second image appeared when I refreshed the screen (I was supposed to see the third one)!

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New blog, new net dairy

I already had a web blog, which was hosted on www.blogger.com. But it did not have a category feature which one of my clients needs it very much. So I did a lot of researchs to find a good webblog software for him. Either a free web blog hosting, or an easy-to-install blog module put on his web hosting server.
I found both WordPress, Movable support category feature. Both of them are written in PHP, but his web hosting platform is Windows which only supports ASP or ASP.net. Typepad is the biggest blog hosting, but it needs hosting fee. WordPress.com looks great but lack the FTP feature as blogger since we need use my client’s own domain name.

So I tried some ASP.NET web blogs. .Text was everywhere but I was told it is already discontinued and replaced by communicateserver component which I have to pay (if I need to pay, why I not buy SharePoint service. sniff :-)). DotnetNuke has a blog module now, but it is too much than what I really need now. So I decided to give dasBlog a shot, since everyone says it is pretty easy to get it running.

Guess what? The web hosting provider, networksolutions, does not have any control panel for me to create a virtual directory even it has a directory pointer feature. I uploaded all asp.net web files of dasblog to the web server, but had the following errors:

Parser Error Message: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition=’MachineToApplication’ beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS.

Called the tech support, and was told they would get solution back to me within 24 hours. What I should do? Just waiting….

Anyway, since I have to wait, I decide to give WordPress a shot. So I downloaded the source code and installed it on my own Unix web hosting server. Oh, yeah! 2 minutes later, I have this nice blog already.

Maybe I will start to use webblog now!!