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resovled: Outlook can not send email to Yahoo and Gmail account

Today, just came back from a long trip and booted my machine to reply a lot of un-read emails. But suddenly I got a lot of delivery failure notices for all emails sent to Yahoo or Gmail account. The error message code is the follow:

554 554 Message not allowed – [320] (state 18).

I first thought something wrong with my email recipient’s mail server, but when I used iPhone to re-send, everything was fine again. It seemed that my machine had some issues. I re-examined the returned notice, and it read,

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Send Free Text Messages via SMTP in applications

I was thinking to update some of my ASP.net  applications which are sending alerts to subscribers via emails. The update will allow them to send out alerts as SMS (Short Message System) or text messages to users’ mobile phones.

I believe we need some third-party add-ons in the ASP.NET code to accomplish the above. But in North America, there is a work-around to do so since most of the cellular providers have a email-like system for their phone numbers.

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