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Resolved the “Critical Disk Error” Malware

Critical ErrorA friend called that he opened a Microsoft Word file from an unknown sender, and clicked the “Enable Macro” security option, and then his computer stopped working with the following error message window prompted.

Windows has encountered a corrupted folder on your hard drive.

Multiple corrupted files have been found in the folder “My Documents”. To prevent serious loss of data, please allow Windows to restore these files.

And there are two “Restore files” and “Restore files and check disk for errors” link at the bottom. My friend did not believe these messages were legitimate ones from Microsoft and suspected that his computer was infected by some kind of virus / malware. So he didn’t go ahead to click any of these two links and gave me a call. I am glad he did since who knows what would happen if he clicked them.  Continue reading

How to remove XP Internet Security 2010 malware rogues

XPInternetSecurity_alertToday got a call from a friend and was told that her computer might be virus infection since a new anti-virus software always prompted up and warned her everything. And this new anti-virus is named “XP Internet Security 2010″, but she said she never installed it before. Now she was scared since too many viruses found on her computer according to the ‘XP Internet Security 2010” application warned. Based on what she said, I could tell she got a new malware infected instead of a lot of viruses.

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