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How to change permission on all files in a folder and its subdirectories in Linux OS

Today I got a call to be notified that a Joomla-powered website went down. The error message is the core file could not be opened due to permission. I checked the file system and found all PHP files had been changed permission as 200 (User Write only). I don’t know why caused it, but I believe it did something with the mal-ware alerted by Google Webmaster tool yesterday.

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Install Adobe Flash player in Firefox on xubuntu

xbuntuI installed ubuntu 9.10 on one of my laptops with GNOME desktop environment, but unfortunately it worked very slow due to the limited memory of 256 MB. So I decided to switch to xfce desktop environment. After I installed xfce on top of GNOME then remove all package of gnome, I started to have some different issues as I had in the Ubuntu GNOME environment. Today I just wanted to talk about the flash player plug-in installation on Firefox issue here.

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How to copy directory in Linux with cp command

LinuxIt is very easy for me to forget this command option, and it always take me some time to get it right when I try to copy a directory from one of my website to another website.

And I found out it is always easier when I come into the destination directory and run the cp command.

So to be summarized, I put this command with option here to make me to REMEMBER: how to easily copy a directory from one folder to another folder in Apache/Linux server.

cp -R ~/source-directory-name .

Here ~/source-directory-name is whatever you want to copy from, and please do not forget the period . at the end which is your current directory (A.K.A, your copy-to destination directory).