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Install Adobe Flash player in Firefox on xubuntu

xbuntuI installed ubuntu 9.10 on one of my laptops with GNOME desktop environment, but unfortunately it worked very slow due to the limited memory of 256 MB. So I decided to switch to xfce desktop environment. After I installed xfce on top of GNOME then remove all package of gnome, I started to have some different issues as I had in the Ubuntu GNOME environment. Today I just wanted to talk about the flash player plug-in installation on Firefox issue here.

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New Google Browser Chrome Installed (with pictures)

Google ChromeCan not resist the media teasing about the new browser from Google – Chrome. Here is the installation I conducted today.

First of first, you need to download it from Google Chrome website which is hard for the public to find from its main site or the link from Google’s main page. The link is http://www.google.com/chrome

And you can choose Save or Open when you see the download dialog window. For me, I just used Save in case I need to install on other machines too.

Chrome Installation 1

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Ubuntu 8.04 installed (with pictures)

ubuntu804 As its previous versions, the newer version of Ubuntu (version number 8.04 and code name ) is very easy for the installation. After downloading the ISO file from the Internet and pointing it with one of my virtual machine, the installation menu was there quickly. With its no-brain 7-step installation process, the overall time was less than an hour ( I got some issues with my virtual machine, but it was still cool compared with couple of hours with Windows OS installation).

Read on for more installation photo gallery… You can click the thumbnail to view the larger picture.

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About the installation of YetAnotherForum

YetAnotherForumSome steps to install the free ASP.NET open source forum:

1. First of all, of course you should download this application from http://www.yetanotherforum.net/.
2. Prepare the Microsoft SQL Express database. If you have not installed any on your servers yet, you can download it from Microsoft website for free. When you are on Microsoft Download center, remember you not only need  SQL Server 2005  Express database service, but you also need SQL Server Management Studio Express to create a initial forum admin user.
3. Create a login for your new SQL database, and then a new database Instance. With such information, including Database Name and Logon Account/Password, you can modify the yanet.config first before you start to install the forum.
4. Finally, you can run the installation from the URL of http://yourdomainname/YaNet/install/default.aspx.

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It is time for Ubuntu 7.10

UbuntuWell, first of all, I am not a Linux geek. But I like Ubuntu when I first touched it.

I heard from the website http://education.zdnet.com/?p=1250 that Ubuntu will release its newer version (called Gutsy Gibbon) in this month. According to Ubuntu’s own description, they will release a new version each half year and the latest one is 7.04 which was released on April, 2007. By the way, I think you already figured out how the Ubuntu version name convention works. Yes, that is right, the major version number comes from the Year (like 7 for 2007) and the minor version number is for the release month number.

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msi installer file has a security permission limitation on Windows 2003 server

win2k3_server.jpgToday I tried to implement an AJAX enabled ASP.net web application on the Windows 2003 server. Of course, I have to install the AJAX 1.0 extension framework on the server first. So I got in the server, and copied the AJAX framework installer file (aspajaxextsetup.msi) from the network driver. But when I double clicked the .msi file, I got the following error message.

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“Windows cannot open this program since it has been disabled” error message when I try to install the Oracle9i Release 2 on my Windows Server 2003, Web Edition-based computer

Today I tried to install Oracle 9i on my Windows 2003 Web Edition server with 3 installation CDs. First I did not get the auto-run working when the disc 1 inserted. So I browsed to the CD driver and clicked the autorun.exe file under the autorun folder manually. But I got an error message window indicating that “Windows cannot open this program since it has been disabled“.

This is weird. I thought it might be my CD-ROM problem, so I move these files to my hard-disk. Re-clicked again, the same error. I tried the setup.exe too, and got the same error. Tried the same CD on the Windows XP pro machine, ran without any problem.

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