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How to add “Reply-To” in email message created in ASP, ASP.net code

ASP.NETThis post is not to discuss how to create and send emails from your asp, or asp.net code. And I assumed that you already knew how to do so. I just wanted to share with you that how I make “Reply-To” work in asp and asp.net code.

Why do we need the “Reply-To” at the first place? Well, replying to an email message usually sends the response to the person who sent the email. However, there are scenarios where you may want to have the reply go to an alternate email address. For example, if you are sending out emails on web site with the consistent system email address, you may want to have any replies go directly to the person who is responsible on one particular application.

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How to protect your online passwords, a lesson from Sarah Palin

image In recent news the Internet is talking about how a college guy hacked Sarah Palin, 2008 USA vice president candidate, personal Yahoo email account. Actually there was no technical scripting or coding involved in this hack issue. What the “hacker” did was to use Yahoo’s password recovery function by answering 3 security questions. For example, Sarah Palin set up the following three security questions to help her retrieve forgotten password (actually pre-set by Yahoo!). 1), what is her birth date; 2), what is her house zip code; 3), where did she meet with her husband; In the event of her forgetting her email password, what she needs to do is to answer these three questions and reset the password.

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How to find out IP addresses of others through emails and instant messengers

image Today one of my friends asked my helps on tracing or finding out another people’s IP address. He indicated this guy(s) had his Yahoo! Messenger account and email address from some ways, then started to harass him in instant messages and emails with nasty words and graphics. My friend tried to know who this “bad ass” is(are) and where he(they) is(are) from. So a basic IP will be a starting point.

After researching and testing, I offered him some tips to find out the IP addresses from emails and messengers. But I could not guarantee the accuracy of my recommended ways since IP addresses alone could not identify anyone, especially dynamic IPs, ISP routers, and proxy could be used at the another end. So the best way is to report to the law force team and let them co-operate wit ISPs if the damage is serious. Of course, you can try these recommended ways to find out some information first anyway.

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How to use Automation to send a Microsoft Outlook message using Access 2000

There are six main steps to sending a Microsoft Outlook mail message by using Automation, as follows:

  1. Initialize the Outlook session.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Add the recipients (To, CC, and BCC) and resolve their names.
  4. Set valid properties, such as the Subject, Body, and Importance.
  5. Add attachments (if any).
  6. Display/Send the message.