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How to remove XP Internet Security 2010 malware rogues

XPInternetSecurity_alertToday got a call from a friend and was told that her computer might be virus infection since a new anti-virus software always prompted up and warned her everything. And this new anti-virus is named “XP Internet Security 2010″, but she said she never installed it before. Now she was scared since too many viruses found on her computer according to the ‘XP Internet Security 2010” application warned. Based on what she said, I could tell she got a new malware infected instead of a lot of viruses.

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How to setup download product in OScommerce v2.2RC2

Never thought enabling Downloadable product type in OScommerce would be so difficult. Anyway, I would like to post my nearly 3 hours’ work to reduce your frustration.

First, make sure you installed the latest version of OsCommerce and everything else is working.  And you have already read the basic how-to tutorials from the official web site knowledge base at


If you do not have time to read all of the above, do not need to worry, since I will repeat the how-to in this post with more explanation.

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