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New Google Browser Chrome Installed (with pictures)

Google ChromeCan not resist the media teasing about the new browser from Google – Chrome. Here is the installation I conducted today.

First of first, you need to download it from Google Chrome website which is hard for the public to find from its main site or the link from Google’s main page. The link is http://www.google.com/chrome

And you can choose Save or Open when you see the download dialog window. For me, I just used Save in case I need to install on other machines too.

Chrome Installation 1

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How to disable/remove/uninstall incompatible add-ons in Firefox

firefox-extensions_thumbnailJust wanted to explore some add-ons after I installed the final version of Firefox 3.0 today. I found this add-on named TwitterFox in Get Add-ons Tab after I clicked Tools –> Add-Ons option. Excitedly installed it since I am using Twitter accounts now. But after the TwitterFox installation, my firefox 3.0 acted very wired. I could not bring the Firefox screen focused. It always hid in the taskbar, and the left/right click of my mouse did not even work at all on FireFox in the taskbar.

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Put IE into your favorite browser – Firefox

I love Firefox, not to say its charming security features and I already felt hooked up especially after a long time playing. But life is always hard to be satisfied. There are still a bunch of website which were not designed well so that they can not perform well in Firefox but good in IE. Like some websites under Micro$oft domain, and one of my favorite online radio site KissRadio. I used to fire these two different types of browsers and busy with switching between them. Life gets better now when
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