Resolved: “Error 1747 : The Authentication Service is Unknown”

Reccently one of my friends’ computer prompt an Error message window after she logged into her Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. And I tried to help by bringing up the windows event log service, and had a message saying the Event Log service has not been started.

I checked the Windows Services, and found a lot of auto Windows services was not running. I tried to start the Event Log service, and got the error below.

 “Error 1747 : The Authentication Service is Unknown”

Searching the Internet, and the first link came up with a Microsoft Social thread, and the marked answer was “I have to re-install the Vista”, WTF.


Glad I didn’t give up, and find out one genuis posted as the following:

To make it short, open a command prompt with administrative rights and run

netsh winsock reset


Great, the WinSock Reset method resolved my issue.

PS. if your issue still exists by trying the winsock reset, keep reading.

    • I just encountered this same exact problem today, and found this fix:

      The author there describes the same issue and the same fix, with one extra option. If resetting winsock and ip don’t work, try copying the winsock and winsock2 registry keys from a working computer of the same OS.

      We did this, following the author’s instructions and, BAM, everything worked great.

  • QuestionGot exactly same error message on Windows 7, none of the above helped, except user would not allow reinstalling Windows.  Eventually found that restoring kerberos.dll fixed problem.

Hope the Winsock reset or the additional steps above can help you too.

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