How to initial and cancel the call forwarding on Verizon phones

verizon logoAlready got back to the office, and need to return the loaned 3G phone which I used overseas. Before I gave up this cool baby, I would have to cancel the calling forward to get my phone number back to my blackberry. Since I am not good at  remembering all these codes, I put them in this post for the future reference. Please be noted the codes here only for Verizon wireless provider.

To forward phone number A  to phone B, use *72 + phone number B:
On the phone currently using phone number A, dial “*721234567890” and send. Here, *72 is the special code, and 1234567890 is the new phone number which accepts the forwarded calls.

To cancel the call forwarding, dial *720
To cancel the forwarding, just dial “*720” on the original forwarded phone, and that is it.

On both of the above processes, please do not forget the * sign at the beginning. And normally you will hear a continued beep sound, that is OK your request still goes through if your provider allows you to do the call forwarding (meaning you paid this service).

[updated on 2/27/12: from the comments below, it seems that *73 works for someone to cancel the forwarding as well. You can try both and report here if they both work for you]

[updated on 9/7/12: I tried and it seems that *71 can initiate the forwarding as well. ]

16 thoughts on “How to initial and cancel the call forwarding on Verizon phones

  1. Pogo Stick

    *73 on verizon wireless not 73#


    MadMan of the Sonoran Desert replied on July 14th, 2010:

    @Pogo Stick,
    VERIZZY Wizziless only

    *720 IS ONLY CODE TO Deactivate Call forwarding

    *73 not successful
    73# not successful
    #73 not successful
    73* not successful


    ed replied on April 9th, 2011:

    none of the codes worked on my convoy. Each time i try to call the phone number that was originally fowarded to it reactivates the call foward


  2. doublej

    *73 worked on my vintage motorola flip phone and it also works on verizon landlines. if you ever have your landline repaired and are still getting the repair message when you call it, just use *73 from that line and it will remove the repair message.
    I accidentally hit *68 instead of *67 to block the caller id and ended up forwarding my calls to that number. Funny thing is i use to work for verizon!


  3. Stephanie

    I accidently hit *68 before calling a friend’s phone one time, and it started forwarding all my calls to her phone, including my voice mails! Now when I go to retrieve my voice mails I get connected to her phone and cannot access them.

    I tried to the following codes to undo it, but nothing seems to be working!


    Each time I call, I get three beeping noises and then the phone hangs up. Any one have any suggestions? I’ve tried calling Verizon, but no one there seems to be able to help me


  4. Barry Blakeman

    To activate call forwarding press *72 plus the number you wish to forward to. Next press SEND and listen for the confirmation tones. To deactivate, press *73 and then SEND and listen for the confirmation tones. The tones indicate that your code was sucessful. This is right out of the Verizon Wireless welcome guide.


  5. Tish

    *73 and then your cell phone number with area code – then send. You’ll hear this short interrupted beep and that should do it! Call your phone of course to make sure the call forwarding has indeed stopped. Worked for me today on my Verizon cell phone. Cheers – good luck.

    Example if your phone # is (123)456-7890 then you would type in: *731234567890 send



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