How to disable/remove/uninstall incompatible add-ons in Firefox

firefox-extensions_thumbnailJust wanted to explore some add-ons after I installed the final version of Firefox 3.0 today. I found this add-on named TwitterFox in Get Add-ons Tab after I clicked Tools –> Add-Ons option. Excitedly installed it since I am using Twitter accounts now. But after the TwitterFox installation, my firefox 3.0 acted very wired. I could not bring the Firefox screen focused. It always hid in the taskbar, and the left/right click of my mouse did not even work at all on FireFox in the taskbar.

I knew there was in-compatible going on here since I installed Google Gear add-on in FireFox too. Since I have not used TwitterFox at all yet, the first thing came to mind was to disable it to see whether FireFox would come back to normal.

But how I could disable TwitterFox add-on since I could not even open FireFox and then could not open the Add-ons dialogue window. I looked up all file directories of FireFox installation on my local machine, and could not have any clues to delete such add-on.

Well, fortunately I found out that I could use Firefox Safe Mode to resolve this annoying problem.

Here you go:

  1. Do not use the FireFox shortcut on your desktop, go to Start menu, and All Programs — > Mozilla FireFox, and select the second one – Mozilla FireFox (Safe Mode).
  2. And you will see this window below, and you check the first option – Disable all add-ons.
  3. And click Continue in Safe Mode, your FireFox browser should be opened again. Now you can proceed to the normal procedure of “disable add-ons in FireFox” (the following steps copied from How to Uninstall an addon in Firefox)


Question: How do I uninstall an add-on in Firefox?

Answer: You can uninstall an add-on in Firefox by doing the following:

1) Click on ‘Tools‘ located in the top menu bar of Firefox.
2) In the drop-down menu, click ‘Add-on‘.
3) In the small pop-up window, click on the add-on on you want to uninstall and then click on the ‘Uninstall‘ button.

Note: You will need to restart Firefox to complete the process. (if you just want to pause/stop the add-on for a while, please click on ‘Disable‘ rather than ‘Uninstall’.

7 thoughts on “How to disable/remove/uninstall incompatible add-ons in Firefox

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  2. jp

    This does not work. Even if you start in safe mode, all incompatible addons are grayed out and all of it’s buttons are disabled.


  3. Mark

    Indeed, I tried this to get rid of a HP printing add-on which was made incompatible by a FF update. Even when starting the way you say, all addons are disabled, but the incompatible one is grayed out and you can uninstall it.


  4. HarryH

    fyi you can delete incompatible extensions whose uninstall button is “greyed out” by deleting a registry key. Open regedit and go to the following registry dir
    Look for the offending entry and delete it. The files may still be hanging around somewhere, but the extension will be removed from the installed add on list.


    John replied on March 4th, 2011:

    @HarryH, Thank you!


  5. Cornan The Iowan

    The Registry key mentioned above does not exist on my Windows 7 machine under Firefox 8.

    Still can’t remove disabled add ons


    juggle replied on April 1st, 2012:

    @Cornan The Iowan,

    If you’re running 64bit Windows 7, check the path \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions. Different reg path for 32 bit applications running on a 64 bit machine.



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