Funny English translations to some signs in China

Funny_LaughThink China is ready for International tourists in 2008 Olympics Game? Think again :-). Today, I got an email forwarded by one of my co-workers with some funny pictures (as the below). It is fun to read them and of course a little sad as well. Can we be more readproof in designing these signs, or just we do not care. Have fun!

By the way, you can read more similar humorous photos from (That is right, it is Engrish, not English)


Man, are you sure today you are wearing Scotland costume?


Oh yeah, this is a fitting room not your private bedroom. But, you know what? you can do it, we can help.


Not sure this is a real photo or not, since in Mainland, China. No ‘Fuk’ in the pronunciation.


Did I tell you before: Every man should have a mole!


OMG, here comes X-men.


Just leave, buddy, do not ever look back what you have done.


What the hell is 女界?never seen this one before in China. Maybe it is Japanese …


Watch out while you are driving, there are a bunch of babies on the road….


Nothing to say with this one, just … be caution!


Not exactly understand the Chinese either.


Because it is free, do not mean it can not be treasure.


What are doing? Having fun reading my blog?! Come on, you do not know it is not permitted in this country?


Now I finally know what these cave men had been doing back centuries ago.


Yes, please dial 110, if, just big if, your phone is not stolen with you.


You know what, this is the only translation I think as a good one. Its humor was expressed as exactly what the original Chinese meant.


Shhhhh…. no French kissing, please!


If you want to fall down, please do what we suggested CAREFULLY!


Take care, see you under the water.


If you do not fell well, do not worry. You can throw up anything now.


Hi, foreign guys, we know what you are COMING FOR!


Use you hand, I already told you million times, use you hand, man. The fish will bite you and your… you know.

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Get from Flickr photo taken in Shanghai, China

13 thoughts on “Funny English translations to some signs in China

  1. Sin Yau Hang

    The picture in number 3 is not funny. It just”Fuk Man Road”. It is not using putonghua. It is using Chinese (Cantonese).It just translate directly from the Cantonese pronunciation. If it is in mainland China, it should be “Fu Min Road”


    WebGuru replied on October 29th, 2008:

    I agree, that is why I said the sign should not be found in mainland.


    Hai He replied on October 9th, 2011:

    The sign is in Hong Kong. They use cantonese and traditional characters (see the last character for “toilet,” that is a traditional character, not a simplified one).


    Alex replied on February 13th, 2012:

    @Sin Yau Hang,
    hahaha, yes, i have come some of the funny signs as well


  2. Peter Soo

    While we may laugh at English signs in China, there are also English signs in America that are funny. Many years ago, I read of a sign in a town in America that read:
    “Birth Control Clinic – Entrance in Rear”.


    超凡不脱俗 replied on August 29th, 2009:

    LOL, this is a very good one!!


    Marnie Schwartz replied on January 12th, 2010:

    @Peter Soo, I’ve seen signs in parking lots, etc.

    Entrance Only, Please do not enter!


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  4. Esca

    I think that picture might be taken in places like Hong Kong as we have the pronouciation as FUK in Cantonese. And the Chinese characters are actually in Traditional Chinese rather than Simplified Chinese.



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