Fix RIM BlackBerry 8703e "JVM Error 523"

blackberry_8307e Challenge: Today when I tried to browser a website on my BlackBerry 8703e, it all of the sudden frozen up and then showed a white screen with "JVM Error 523" in the middle after a self-reboot.

I tried to scroll down and clicked the Reset link under the error message, but nothing happened. I could not even do a power off reset, since the Power button on the top was basically non-responsiveness.

So, I opened the back cover and took out the battery, and then I put back the battery. Yes, I could see the desktop after the boot-up and even the message of "verifying security software…". But unfortunately the blackberry immediately went back to the White Screen with the same "JVM Error 523". At that point, the device is totally useless, since none of any buttons on the blackberry was functional.

Trouble-Shootings: Then I looked up the information on the Internet. The first few search results kind of scared me. They all told me to wipe the OS off from the blackberry and re-install everything, the OS, the applications.

Well, I did not worry too much about the fact that all my data on the blackberry would be gone if I had to re-install the OS. Since I am using the BES and doing wireless sync with my enterprise server, the data restore is not a big deal. But I just did not like the idea to do so much wipe/re-install effort just because of this error message. I knew I did not do screw up anything at this moment since I did not install any new software on the device, or change any configurations.

I figured out there should be a simple thing we could do to bring this be-loved device back to normal. I walked to some IT phone guys, and they could only suggest the same thing – to take the battery out and wait a few minute to put battery back. And I hated to call my wireless provider because I know that should be a waste-time effort, unless I need them to send me a new replacement phone.

Anyway, I decided to do my own homework. After continuing the Internet search, I found out that this error might be due to the browser channel on the wireless device. And this error can be avoided if the device is not connected to the Internet.

Great, with that information above I successfully fixed my JVM 523 error within 1 minute. If you are the victim of the same error, and do not want to re-install your OS either. Then you are lucky to read this post since the following processes can save you a lot time. (Of course, you still need to remember to back up your data after that, just in case later on your bb device gets wild again).


To do the following, I hope you have a quick finger like the guy in Fantastic Four since you will have to use your finger speed to beat the soon-to-appear white screen and JVM error.

Ready? Go!

  1. First, turn off your phone as I suggested before. To open the back cover and take out the battery. Then wait 2 minutes (well, even longer to have bathroom break), and put the battery back. The Blackberry device will come back by itself.
  2. As soon as you see the desktop appear, you should quickly scroll down to " Turn wireless off" or " Turn radio off". This has to be completed quickly before the phone connects to the network that you are using. Hint: you can use ALT+scroll to jump items by row instead of one item by one.
  3. After you turn the wireless radio off, then go into your your BB browser (the globe on the screen for most). And DELETE BROWSER CHANNELS. To do so, just expand the section and then delete all the channels. Mine was only the Weather Push Channel on it.
  4. Now you can turn the radio back on, you should have a full functional blackberry device back. Is it a great thing not to wipe your OS instead?

Well, I know, sometime weird thing happens. If this does not work you will still need to consider to back up your blackberry and then reload the software from RIM website using your usb cable.

Here are the directions for these un-lucky ones: 

  • Please go to the blackberry handheld software download page at
  • Install both desktop manager, and the newly download handheld software
  • Restart your PC, with the battery out the back of the handheld and cable unplugged
  • Start desktop manager
  • Run the application loader software
  • During the connection screen, please plug in your device (keeping the battery out)
  • Choose the USB *XXXXXXX* or USB "Unknown"
  • Do no choose any additional applications for install
  • Click Next, then Finish
  • Handheld will be restarting, and installing the applications

22 thoughts on “Fix RIM BlackBerry 8703e "JVM Error 523"

  1. Marty

    I had a user with the same issue had her try this and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks for taking the time to post the info, came in very handy.



    Kev replied on August 20th, 2008:

    Thanks for the info mate…saved my phone!


  2. Rick J

    Thanks for the information. I had the same problem some time back and after resetting my Blackberry 100 times, 5 jugs of water and many naps, the problem went away without me knowing why. Of course I searched the internet and every remedy did NOT work.

    Now it returned and after trying the reset thing, I didn’t want to do through this again, not knowing if I was going to run out of water or end up depressed.
    I tried your procedure and WOW; thanks for publishing this..



  3. Kiran

    Thanks, indeed, for the information.

    I got this error while I was traveling, and was completely disconnected from the world as I could not use the handheld for emails. I was wondering what pains I would have to go through before bringing my BlackBerry to life.

    And WOW! Your procedure did wonder in just a minute!! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Richard

    Your solution worked great! I really did not want to reinstall the phone’s software and was glad that you had the solution here. It was a fast and effective fix. Thanks again.



  5. jayne

    thank u so much! i have only had my phone a few weeks when this happened and am not techy by any means but had my phone up and running again in a few minutes! Hardest part was figuring how to take the battery cover off! What a relief!


  6. Dane

    Will this work for Blackberry Pearl 8120?

    I don’t think I have these browser channels you talk about?

    I’ve had the error a few times, I’ve noticed that I get it after taking the battery out (if something else goes wrong with the phone).

    Currently, the tones have stopped working. Many sites suggest that a batter pull will fix this, but the last time I did that I got the JVM error and had to re-install the OS.

    This is the 3rd time that the tones have stopped working. Not even the alarm tone works, which is a bit of a problem as I rely on it to get up for work.

    Also, my media player doesn’t even play, let alone me being able to hear audio.

    Help someone!


  7. Fernando

    Hello, I have a blackberry 8830 I had the same issue and I follow your procedure and it got fixed!! Thank you very much!!! without you I could have spent hours and hours to find a solution.


  8. Coy Schoneck

    Well I did start this earlier and got the same response, but the information submitted here looks more informative. I will say that people really are trying to help at there best and we always get to know some or the other thing good from each other. Thank you for starting the discussion again. And I will also post the earlier information here to make it more helpful for all. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


  9. alex

    i have the Blackberry Tour 9630 and i been having this same exact problem. I tried following these same steps even though its not for my phone, in hopes of it working and unfortunately it didnt. So i wanted to know if there was anything i can do for my phone that’ll fix it without deleting anything.


  10. bb junkie

    SO..My bb died recently and I was given the ancient 8703 as a loaner. I was struggling with this error today and with your help and my lightening speed fingers it worked. You totally saved my day! 🙂


  11. Sameer


    I have error in my blackberry 8100 “jvm 523” i tried with your step’s and while application loader in the third step
    “wait for device instilazing” when the turn comes for jvm then it shows CONNECTION PROMPT massege is ” Application loader was unable to connect with your device please re-connect,enter the password if required and click retry
    And i did it many times but cannot fix please can any one help me what should i doo ?


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