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Add watermarks to photos quickly with Photoshop droplet in Windows

A droplet is an executable file generated by Photoshop that allows you to apply a set of actions just by dragging and dropping files or folders on to it. This is a great time saver when you have to apply the same action to a lot of files! If you do this manually, you’ll spend a lot of precious time. Let’s say you have to resize 100 jpeg’s, or apply the same effect (adding watermarks) to 500 more jpegs, or even better, resize, apply the same effect and save them as gif’s. No problem! You create a droplet in Photoshop and the job couldn’t be easier! Continue reading

How to add and customize AJAX loading image on web pages

LoadingAs a web developer, soon or later you will write some AJAX scripts on your web pages. One of interesting AJAX features is the animated loading image (see the image on the right) which is telling the visitors to be patient while the system is processing requests.

Of course, I am using a lot of loading images in my web codes too. But sometimes I just wanted to be different, I want my loading images to be branded with my own identity.

I can launch the Photoshop to do some image editing, but recently I figured out an easier way to accomplish the above. And I believe you can do the same as long as you would like to spend a few minutes reading this post.

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How to easily make favicon.ico in visual studio, photoshop or online web services for your website

icon_fp If you are doing web design works, you should know what the favicon is and have done some of them so far. Yes, yes, I did some of them before too like my own favicon on this blog. But I used one of the paid software utilities to make these little tiny icons. Right now, there are some many free ways for you to accomplish the same thing. That is why I pull together some of I tested recently to help you create your own favicon.

First, if you want to create your favicon from scratch. Then you can use Visual Studio to do so. Generally a lot of web developer installed Visual Studio already, and no other plug-in needed.

How to create favicon.ico in Visual Studio for your web project? Easy, just in Visual Studio click File – New File, or press Ctrl-N, and then select Icon File in the General category.

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