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How to use Zenith DTT901 remote controller to turn on/off your TV set

To use my old TV Sets to receive the Over-the-Air digital TV programs, I had to purchase a digital converter box. Combined a $40 coupon from the government, the zenith dtt901 was a very great deal. And it was very easy to set up this small box.

And I like these extra features come with this box, like tune volume, closed caption button, etc. Especially the TV Power button which can turn on/off your TV with the same digital converter box.

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Microsoft Commercial TV ads Bill with Seinfeld 1 and 2

image Not from TV, but I viewed these Commercials from TechCrunch Website. Although there were some “do not understands” on these TV commercials, but I believe Microsoft Public Relation and their hired ads. talents. Let us wait and see what the next serials of these commercials. And most of important part,  both of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are idols to me. It is great and funny to see both of them in such long minutes commercials. Do not you think so?

I put both of the serial 1 and 2 in the post to share with you.

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How to watch Beijing Olympics Games live overseas online

Beijing2008Since only NBC has the exclusive authorization to broadcast all Olympics 2008 games in America, and it only shows American team games at evening prime times. It is very hard to watch some interesting games at real time if they do not have American team participation and not take part in American prime time. I thought I could do it from the internet like before. But this time unfortunately the normal way of watching stream video online does not work since all official Olympics partner websites only open to China region users. That means these video sites block all overseas IP addresses from watching games live.

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