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How to run MagicJack without login Windows for all Users

MagicJack PlusI like MagicJack, at least it has been working for me in past 3 years and I already use it to replace the landline phone services ($29.90 for the USB device and $19.90/year phone subscription service fee). But it still had a couple of glitches in the past few years, at once I had to use the online support chat twice and even was escalated to the super support to resolve my can-not-calling-out problem. Another annoying thing is that you will have to log into the Windows with the same user account who installed the MagicJack to use it. If another family member use the computer with her user account, she has to run the MagicJack executable file exclusively. Otherwise the MagicJack phone services doesn’t work under her user profile.

Here are the solutions to this problem above.

Solution 1, run the MagicJack as a Windows Services.

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Npower Fusion™ 1GB Digital Media Player Review and MTP device driver issue resolved

216fqOWIApL._SL160_ My daughter got this tiny media player as a Christmas present from one of my friends. It is a nice media player considered that it can play music, video and games with 1GB capacity on its price range (listed price $99 but is selling it for $21). And it has SpongeBob cartoon icon everywhere which kids like it from TV already. But of course, it is not perfect at least for me I could not connect it to my DELL computer at the first. Finally I got this issue resolved (will update later), and happy to recommend this device to you especially you have kids in house.

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Memo for the blackberry device upgrade

tour 9630 smartphoneJust gave up my favorite Blackberry Curve 8330 and upgraded to the new Tour 9630. With excitement of having a new gadget, I had to go through some tweaks, customizations to make sure my same device use experience  as the old “toy”. Here write down some useful tips and links for the future reference.

First of first, I need to backup the data from the Curve 8330. Even I have BES (Blackberry Enterprise Services) on it, I still used cable and Blackberry Desktop Manager (version 5.0.1 see the link below for the downloading) to backup all to my desktop in case the BES did not sync everything last time.

Then I need to wipe clean everything from the old one since I do not want some one else to read my funny, private or business related emails. For how-to wipe data from Curve 8330, please refer my previous post.

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How to use Zenith DTT901 remote controller to turn on/off your TV set

To use my old TV Sets to receive the Over-the-Air digital TV programs, I had to purchase a digital converter box. Combined a $40 coupon from the government, the zenith dtt901 was a very great deal. And it was very easy to set up this small box.

And I like these extra features come with this box, like tune volume, closed caption button, etc. Especially the TV Power button which can turn on/off your TV with the same digital converter box.

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How to wipe clean a blackberry curve 8330 with 4.1 or later software

CurveGot a replacement blackberry, and need to turn in the old one. I tried to clean all my personal data before I do so. But unlike the previous ones I had before. I could not find a easy way to wipe all personal data from the blackberry simply going to Option — Security.

Well, it is still easy to clean your blackberry with the newer OS version of 4.1 or later, just following the instruction below

  1. From the Device Options menu, select Security Options.
  2. Click General Settings.
  3. Click the blackberry button, and then click Wipe Handheld.
  4. If you wish to erase all third party applications, click the check box.
  5. Click Continue, and then type blackberry .

For more, check out this knowledge base

How to read Chinese on Verizon CDMA BlackBerry Curve 8330 smart phone handheld

image Finally I got the Chinese Characters display well on my BlackBerry Curve 8330 handheld from Verizon Wireless provider. Since Verizon from USA is a very special wireless service carrier who is using CDMA network technology, it is very slow for us to get some advanced features from Verizon compared with other GSM BlackBerry carriers.

Anyhow, recently I found out Verizon has its latest 4.5 OS software for the BlackBerry Curve 8330. And this new OS support Chinese and other East Asian types of font which the big reason for me to upgrade.
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Fix RIM BlackBerry 8703e "JVM Error 523"

blackberry_8307e Challenge: Today when I tried to browser a website on my BlackBerry 8703e, it all of the sudden frozen up and then showed a white screen with "JVM Error 523" in the middle after a self-reboot.

I tried to scroll down and clicked the Reset link under the error message, but nothing happened. I could not even do a power off reset, since the Power button on the top was basically non-responsiveness.

So, I opened the back cover and took out the battery, and then I put back the battery. Yes, I could see the desktop after the boot-up and even the message of "verifying security software…". But unfortunately the blackberry immediately went back to the White Screen with the same "JVM Error 523". At that point, the device is totally useless, since none of any buttons on the blackberry was functional.

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How to initial and cancel the call forwarding on Verizon phones

verizon logoAlready got back to the office, and need to return the loaned 3G phone which I used overseas. Before I gave up this cool baby, I would have to cancel the calling forward to get my phone number back to my blackberry. Since I am not good at  remembering all these codes, I put them in this post for the future reference. Please be noted the codes here only for Verizon wireless provider.

To forward phone number A  to phone B, use *72 + phone number B:
On the phone currently using phone number A, dial “*721234567890” and send. Here, *72 is the special code, and 1234567890 is the new phone number which accepts the forwarded calls.

To cancel the call forwarding, dial *720
To cancel the forwarding, just dial “*720” on the original forwarded phone, and that is it.

On both of the above processes, please do not forget the * sign at the beginning. And normally you will hear a continued beep sound, that is OK your request still goes through if your provider allows you to do the call forwarding (meaning you paid this service).

[updated on 2/27/12: from the comments below, it seems that *73 works for someone to cancel the forwarding as well. You can try both and report here if they both work for you]

[updated on 9/7/12: I tried and it seems that *71 can initiate the forwarding as well. ]