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Be aware: New Law in GA which can cause you $500 fine

A few days ago, got an email forwarded by co-worker regarding a new law effective in Georgia. Its name is Move-Over Law, which says drivers must move-over for emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the highway. The law is meant to keep officers AND traffic violators safe from crashes with passing cars.

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The customer service of new AT&T for Bellsouth customer

new_att_logo.jpgAfter AT&T took over Bellsouth at the beginning of this year, we can see a lot changes now. Not only the company name, sign we can see the change, so do the customer service representative we have to deal with. Today, I decided to call Bellsouth or AT&T to complain my DSL modem charge and it took me longer than I thought.

Right after the merge, I could not wait for AT&T’s $10 per month deal then I ordered at-that-time Bellsouth DSL service for $32 per month. When I was ordering, I was told I could get the DSL modem for free after mail-in-rebate if I signed up the service from the web. But after nearly half year, I did not see any rebate form showed up in my mail box but $7.5 charge for the modem showed up for my every month’s bill statement. I called the “BellSouth” a couple times, and each time the rebate specialist told me he/she would put my rewarding in the system since I was eligible for this rebate, and it would take 6-8 weeks to process. But after a few month’s waiting, what I received were two postcards saying that they could not give me the rebate because I did not purchase the Bellsouth FastAccess service. What?

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Phone scam

This afternoon my cellular phone rang with a stranger number (407)-362-5503. When I answered the other side was a very sweet female voice. She confirmed my name and told me she got my phone number from my friend (she got my friend name right) because my friend recommended me on the VIP list. The lady then congratulated me on a very special deal with 90% discount on the cruiser. I knew it was not true, then said I was busy and asked her to call me back. But she said this is a life time opportunity and only one call per household, then I thought what the hell and asked her to go on…

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Airport tower imploded

With a blast that could be heard in downtown offices nine miles away, the old air traffic control tower at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is demolished. 

View the controlled demolition of Hartsfield-Jackson’s former Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Tower. It is QuickTime format, and it will take a few minutes to load on your screen.