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How to move Public folder to another partition in Windows 7

In my previous post, I showed how to move the existing users’ Document, Pictures, Videos etc to another partition by clicking the Properties and change the Location. But the Location of Public user folders could not be modified in the Windows 7 Normal Mode.

In this case, you can use another way to move your Public user folders from the C: drive to another one (like D: or E:).

First, copy your existing files from the Public user folder to another destination drive. Create a new directory (you can call it the same name Public) on your destination directory (in my case, D:). Then use robocopy command to copy all files from C:\Users\Public to it. The reason to use robocopy is that you can copy even the hidden files.

robocopy /MIR %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Public D:\Users\Public

Now, let us redirect the Public user folder to the new directory.
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How to connect to Windows 2003 server through VPN

windows2003You have a Windows server 2003 here, and you want your co-worker in the branch of China to access to the same shared folders on this Windows Server. You don’t have an expensive Cisco network, neither a RADIUS server. Still you can accomplish this by following the simple steps below  just like I did today.

There is a role in Windows 2003 called Routing and Remote Access which can be turned on to make the Windows Server 2003 accessible via VPN through the Internet.

Here are these simple 5 steps you need to follow.

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How to change the new user default profile to another drive or partition in Windows 7

windows7Now you have a new PC with nice Windows 7 operation system and a great big space harddisk. Only thing you feel why we can’t create another drive and put all user information on that new drive separate from the Operation System drive. It makes sense if when you want to re-install the system and keep all user data in the future.

There are a lot of ways to do so and of course there are a lot of tutorials online to show you how to do. Here, I just want to walk you through with what I have done recently, and I feel it is the simplest way to accomplish what we need, if 1)you already configured and set up your new computer with a default administrator user; 2)but no new other users (include the domain users) have been created and logged onto your new computer yet. Then you can continue to use the default local administrator user to log onto your new PC and complete the following 2 simple steps.

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How to create more partitions in Windows 7 – Part I

My new purchased Dell XPS 8300 finally arrived this afternoon. Of course, the first thing to do is to create two more partitions since Dell only has one single C drive. Which is not acceptable to me considering both the system and user data files reside on such one single big 2 TB disk.

I used to do it with the third-party tools like PartitionMagic. Now in Windows 7, making new partitions becomes easier even without the third-party partition tools. Just enter the Computer Management console and select Disk Management under Storage node, and you will see all disks, partitions, volumes information there and you can take these disk partition actions there too.

It sounds cool and easy, right? But wrong, you won’t believe such simple task (at least it seemed to me at the beginning) still took me a whole night to straight everything out. During this period, I had so many tries and failures. Good thing was that the machine is brand-new without any personal data on it, so I didn’t need to worry about too much data lose while dealing with disk partition experiment. So here I strongly suggest you practice disk partition as earlier as you just open your shipping package. Continue reading

How to use script auto-convert all WORD files into PDF with Office 2007

Say you have a few hundreds WORD (*.doc and *.docx) files on your computer, and you need to convert them all into PDF format files. Yes, you can open them and then Save As into PDF in WORD 2007 one by one, or you can highlight all of them (provided they are in the same folder) and print them into PDF format. But you still need to click a few hundreds times mouse to answer Save As… questions within Word. Is there a way to automate it.

Hey, you might say I already mentioned this similar feature in my previous post ( But that script was mainly created for Find and Replace feature and there is a glitch in the PDF convert bonus feature. If you have Word 2007 installed on your machine, and that script will prompt you with READ-ONLY permission warning if your Word files are in 2003 version. But if you use that script on Word 2003 machine, the PDF convert feature will not work. So we need to create separate PDF convert scripts for Word 2003 and Word 2007.

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How to get Windows 7 sleek styles on Windows XP old PC

windows7 It has been a while since Microsoft’s new OS Windows 7 released on Oct. 22, and it got a lot of positive reviews from the beginning. As an IT guy who always likes new stuffs, I of course could not miss any opportunities to touch this new baby. From what I read and what I hands-on, overall I like the new OS a lot, especially the nice, sleek style, candy looking.

But do you need to upgrade your OS just for that? Or do you need to upgrade your operation system at all? Again, that depends. For me, I will not have any plan in the near future to upgrade Windows 7 on my home machine. Reasons are:
1), I just re-installed my home machine with Windows XP due to a crashed hard disk, so I really do not want to go into the same hassle again since you can not simple upgrade to Windows7 from Windows XP (but you can try PC Mover if you want);

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How to find the missed Mail icon in the Vista Control Panel

This morning, one of my clients called me to ask for the help of setting up her Outlook 2007 on her new computer. Everything went well on the initial accounts setting up. And then she asked to set up another Outlook profile in Outlook to handle different email accounts. Sure, it seems simple. So I instructed her to go to Control Panel, and then click Mail icon to launch the Outlook mail configuration.

But she said she could not find the Mail icon in her Control panel. How can? I asked “did you switch to the Classic View”. She answered Yes, and read to me what icons around the location the Mail was supposed to be, like Keyboard, Mouse  but not Mail.

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Fixed the Outlook 2007 continuously crash issue

I just decided to upgrade my main work machine to the Outlook 2007 after testing on the laptop for the past weeks. But I did not expect it would cost me two days to trouble shoot an annoying issue: the Outlook 2007 just kept crashing on me when it tried to open my Exchange profile.

Here is the details: After the installation, Outlook 2007 crashed whenever I tried to open it. After crashing, Outlook would offer to open in safe mode the next time I tried to run it, again crashed. Then it offered to detect and repair,  and I did (a couple of times), but with no good news. I unloaded the whole Office 2007 and re-installed again, but with no results.

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How to use Loop function in DOS to re-try command

DOSRecently I love to edit DOS batch file command to get some works done. Some time, the simpler, the better. Especially when I need to move a lot of files from different servers periodically, the Windows GUI always failed me due to some network connections time-out glitches. But the simple “move” DOS command is as reliable as the old DOS days. And even we worry about the same time-out problem will occur, we can use some loop functions to automatically try again.

Let me give you a real example: I would like to move all web log files from the production web servers to the log analytics application server every month (read the previous psot:How to get previous month in DOS shell command in a batch file for AWStats website log parse tool). To make the DOS shell script smart enough to try the copying files again if something wrong happens, I will add a :RETRY label in my previous DOS batch file.

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How to get previous month in DOS shell command in a batch file for AWStats website log parse tool

DOSDuring the period of playing with AWStats tools to get all of my web site log files parsed, I had a need to automate these process. The first thing came to my mind was to use a DOS batch file to parse all log files from the previous month, generate the reports and delete them.

I manipulated the date strings in DOS command before, but I did not try DATE string calculation in any batch files. After the research, I found out there is a very simple “set /a “ command to accomplish this task.

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How to create a schedule repeat task every minute on Windows 2000 server

Try to use DOS command to create a schedule task which can repeat every minute. Here is the sample command, and you can change based on your situation.

U:\>schtasks /create /s s0403003 /tn “FTP Flights” /tr “E:\oracle\ext_tab_dir\ftp_fids.bat” /sc MINUTE /ru “SYSTEM”

INFO: The Schedule Task “FTP Flights” will be created under user name (“NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”).
SUCCESS: The scheduled task “FTP Flights” has successfully been created.

What you need to do is to use your own Task Name and Task Command file in “/tn” and “/tr” parameters.

msi installer file has a security permission limitation on Windows 2003 server

win2k3_server.jpgToday I tried to implement an AJAX enabled web application on the Windows 2003 server. Of course, I have to install the AJAX 1.0 extension framework on the server first. So I got in the server, and copied the AJAX framework installer file (aspajaxextsetup.msi) from the network driver. But when I double clicked the .msi file, I got the following error message.

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Joining a domain with Media Center Edition 2005 /2002

Windows Media Center EditionI got a call from one of my friends who runs a small business office. He asked me to help him on joining his newly purchased computer to his office domain. He said on the phone he could not find any “Network ID” section in the computer properties window as I instructed him to do with other machines before. I spent a couple minutes on the phone and could not figure out why, so I decided to pay him a visit.

When I came to his office, and turned on this problem computer. I surprisingly found out this Dell computer he just purchased came with a home entertainment-oriented OS – Microsoft Media Center Edition 2002. Well, according to the technical articles from Microsoft website, you can not join a computer with MCE OS into a business network domain by design. And we did not want to re-install his whole OS since he already installed a lot of applications on it.

Thankfully, I got the following useful information from other people’s blog. Just want to share with you here too.

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