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How to run MagicJack without login Windows for all Users

MagicJack PlusI like MagicJack, at least it has been working for me in past 3 years and I already use it to replace the landline phone services ($29.90 for the USB device and $19.90/year phone subscription service fee). But it still had a couple of glitches in the past few years, at once I had to use the online support chat twice and even was escalated to the super support to resolve my can-not-calling-out problem. Another annoying thing is that you will have to log into the Windows with the same user account who installed the MagicJack to use it. If another family member use the computer with her user account, she has to run the MagicJack executable file exclusively. Otherwise the MagicJack phone services doesn’t work under her user profile.

Here are the solutions to this problem above.

Solution 1, run the MagicJack as a Windows Services.

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How to use Google Voice to dial out free long distance phone call

Google VoiceIf you are the user of Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral), you already enjoyed the advantages of centralized virtual phone number, receiving forwarded calls, checking voice messages in email, etc. And last week, I discovered another good feature of Google Voice, you can use it to dial out phone calls as well.

Yes, it is true. And it is a little different than it was in the Grand Central period. Before, we just used the Google Voice or GC to receive phone calls. But when you dial out the phone calls and the recipients still see your real phone number. So what did the new feature of Google Voice  make differences? Well, you can allow you to make calls with your own phone set but the other side will see your Google Voice phone number on their in-coming caller ID screen. Continue reading

Finally the Google Voice is here

grandcentral Last Month, the news said the Google Voice is coming. And I knew it was the result of acquisition of GrandCentral. Since I am the member of GC, I was expecting a notice from Google to talk about the system transition. Today, the email arrived as I expected.

Hello GrandCentral User,

We are happy to announce that GrandCentral has been upgraded and is relaunching as Google Voice. While not yet open to the public, we wanted to give you, our GrandCentral users, the first opportunity to start using Google Voice.

In addition to the GrandCentral features you already know, we’ve added voicemail transcription, SMS support, conference calling, Goog411, enhanced spam protection and low-priced international calling. We have also integrated GrandCentral with your Google Account and your Google Contacts list.

To upgrade your account to Google Voice, just log in to your GrandCentral account and follow the directions at the top of your inbox. Upon upgrading, your GrandCentral number, PIN, and forwarding phones will be moved to Google Voice.

Note that since Google Voice uses the Google address book, your GrandCentral contacts will not be imported automatically. You can import your GrandCentral address book with these instructions. You will also need to recreate any individual/group settings and greetings.

After you upgrade, all your new voicemails will be accessible at Google Voice, while all prior messages will remain available at GrandCentral.

Thanks for being a great GrandCentral user and we hope you enjoy Google Voice!


Craig, Vincent, and the Google Voice team

Good Overseas Travel calling plan – Using MagicJack to call back home

I will stay in China for a while and have to contact back to my family and co-workers. Using traditional phone plans is not a good idea, I know China Telecomm is overcharging international calls as much as they can. I am glad that I can install a broadband at home here very quickly and cheap (RMB 660 like $90 for a whole year), and glad that I brought my MagicJack with me as well.

After the Internet broadband installation, the first thing I did was to connect the MagicJack to my Laptop’s USB connection, and let the Jack automatically run the software installation. Since this MagicJack has been registered and activated by me in USA before, the whole installation process here is very simple. The only holdup is the downloading time due to the bandwidth from the ISP I am using.

After the completion of installing MagicJack software, I heard the dial tone when I plug a normal phone set to the MagicJack. And I dialed a USA phone number, and I heard the phone on the other side ringing. Then I asked my family test from USA, they just dial a local number (I registered for my MagicJack) and the phone connecting to MagicJack ring. I pick it up and then I can talk to them in North America for free from China now. (Of course, I already paid $19 a year for the MagicJack)

The invitation for GrandCentral phone numbers

grandcentral Since GrandCentral is not opened for the public, and you will have to need an invitation to get a virtual phone number. I needed a one badly for my previously installed MagicJack which only had a non-local phone number. I asked for the invitation on a couple of website including DSLReports forum, but nobody replied. I was glad that I registered on GC website, since today I got an email from GC which invited me to experience its wonderful feature. Happily I went to its website by clicking the URL in the email, and spent a couple minutes on selecting a very good local phone number. Then I ported this lovely phone number to my MagicJack phone number and my cellular phone. Tested, and both of them ring when I dial this GC phone number. Great!

What is a GrandCentral phone number, anyway?

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A really good IP phone product – JAJAh

After I downloaded some add-ons for my Firefox, I discovered a good IP phone service. It was called Jajah which is a service initiated from the web. And it does not require any additional hardware/software on your computer, and it can connect your and your friends’ regular land line and mobile phones for free or almost free.

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