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How to setup a schedule task to export Oracle table data to CSV file

OracleThe flight information was not updated as expected, so I need to re-write the script to dump the flight data from one of our Oracle database table into a CSV file, which can then be used to replace another Text file to update the flight information display devices.

A very important requirement for this data file: The column name should be on the first line.

Thought about a couple of other ways, like as complicated as creating a page to do so; or as simple as using Oracle database job scheduling. Finally I settled down to use SQL*Plus query and DOS batch file combined with Windows Task Scheduler. Here are the details I implemented. Continue reading

Tech Forum presentation – “P@$$w0rd and other tips”

Today, I just finished a joint presentation in the Tech Forum. And I would like to share some topics I discussed in the presentation.

1, Password and Tooth Brush

A lot of people is familiar with the quote “Treat the passwords as your tooth brush: do not share with others, and change every 3 months”. But today I also added another point into this quotation: “Don’t use the same one in different rooms (sites)“. This is for those who always use the same passwords for all their applications, and web sites. The risk is that if someone knows their passwords from a weak protected site, then all other sites and applications are exposed to attack. I know this from my real life example. A few years (almost 10 years, woooo, time flied fast) ago, I set up a discussion forum for all of my friends and classmates. And some of them signed up to this ASP/Microsoft Access system. You might have guessed, I didn’t use any encryption at all, and no surprise I can read all forum passwords by opening the user table in Access. And I used the same email (for example, hotmail) and password could successfully log onto one of person’s email account. It would not have happened if you use different passwords on different sites, especially don’t share the same password with your email accounts/banking accounts with some other suspicious sites. Continue reading

How to upgrade YouSendIt Outlook plug-in in MS Outlook 2010 – Part II

As the part I indicated, I finally installed the YouSendIT Outlook Plug-in in my Outlook 2010, but I could not see then could not use it in my Outlook.

The reason is that the newly installed add-ins has not been activated by default. Here are steps I had to take to bring the Yousendit Outlook plug-in to the front.

  1. From Outlook File, Options, then click Add-in to the following screen Continue reading

How to upgrade YouSendIt Outlook plug-in in MS Outlook 2010 – Part I

Tried to install the YouSendIT Outlook Plug-in version 2.16 in my Outlook 2010, and always hung up and got the following error message:

Error 1625: “This installation is forbidden by system policy”

I am already the administrator on the machine I was trying to install, and I tried other solutions but not successful which included:

  • Disable the option of “Prohibit non-administrators from applying vendor signed updates.” in the local group policy.
  • Unblock the installation file from the file properties window.

After another hour of researching, I found out the error above sometime is caused by the upgrading. Considering I have installed the Outlook plug-in before when I used Office 2007. So I decided to un-install the YouSendIt Outlook plugin, then re-install the plug-in. Problem resolved.

Conclusion: sometime, the error message does not really mean what it real means.

How to run MagicJack without login Windows for all Users

MagicJack PlusI like MagicJack, at least it has been working for me in past 3 years and I already use it to replace the landline phone services ($29.90 for the USB device and $19.90/year phone subscription service fee). But it still had a couple of glitches in the past few years, at once I had to use the online support chat twice and even was escalated to the super support to resolve my can-not-calling-out problem. Another annoying thing is that you will have to log into the Windows with the same user account who installed the MagicJack to use it. If another family member use the computer with her user account, she has to run the MagicJack executable file exclusively. Otherwise the MagicJack phone services doesn’t work under her user profile.

Here are the solutions to this problem above.

Solution 1, run the MagicJack as a Windows Services.

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Solved Logmein operator or administrator has refused the request 4320 error

Bad weather here, and almost everyone stays home these days. Now we realize how important Remote Access is, like using logmein to access the office machines.

But one of my friends called me and said he could not use the logmein method I setup for him last time. He could view the machines list from the logmein account, and could see the logon screen after he clicked the Remote Control button. But he couldn’t proceed even he entered the correct Windows username and password. The following is the error message he got from logmein.

operator or administrator has refused the request 4320

More information 1) my friend used his non-administrator Windows user ID; 2) he uses logmein free version; 3) and I could remote control the machine with that machine’s local admin ID.

So the conclusion is that there should be additional procedures to make logmein work for normal Windows ID. Continue reading

How to remove XP Internet Security 2010 malware rogues

XPInternetSecurity_alertToday got a call from a friend and was told that her computer might be virus infection since a new anti-virus software always prompted up and warned her everything. And this new anti-virus is named “XP Internet Security 2010″, but she said she never installed it before. Now she was scared since too many viruses found on her computer according to the ‘XP Internet Security 2010” application warned. Based on what she said, I could tell she got a new malware infected instead of a lot of viruses.

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How to use script auto-convert all WORD files into PDF with Office 2007

Say you have a few hundreds WORD (*.doc and *.docx) files on your computer, and you need to convert them all into PDF format files. Yes, you can open them and then Save As into PDF in WORD 2007 one by one, or you can highlight all of them (provided they are in the same folder) and print them into PDF format. But you still need to click a few hundreds times mouse to answer Save As… questions within Word. Is there a way to automate it.

Hey, you might say I already mentioned this similar feature in my previous post ( But that script was mainly created for Find and Replace feature and there is a glitch in the PDF convert bonus feature. If you have Word 2007 installed on your machine, and that script will prompt you with READ-ONLY permission warning if your Word files are in 2003 version. But if you use that script on Word 2003 machine, the PDF convert feature will not work. So we need to create separate PDF convert scripts for Word 2003 and Word 2007.

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How to post Twitter tweets onto Facebook Fan Page Wall and Profile status update

imageAs I suggested before (see the bottom appendix part) you can easily connect your Facebook Fan Page to the twitter account. With this connection, all of your fan page status updates will become tweets and be published onto your twitter account.

Now how about the reverse or the other direction around? Meaning, can your tweets be auto published to your Facebook Fan Page Wall? The answer is YES with capital Y, although it is not as easy as the way of linking fan page to twitter.

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How to auto find and replace text in bulk Word files and save convert to other format with script


As I indicated in my previous post, I needed to rename thousands Microsoft Word documents based on the updated old/new catalog ID pairs.

But that was just one part of my requirement. Since these Word DOC files have the old catalog IDs inside the content which need to be updated with new IDs as well. The methods of my previous post could only resolve the file name part but not the contents.

Unsuccessful trials

I started with some existing utilities I found on the Internet but they were not working as I hoped.

1), I tried the Useful File Utility along with its free plug-in “Batch Replacer for MS Word” (Useful File Utility is a shareware which can allow you to use 15 times for free, then $29 for a single user license). It looks promising as it indicated on its web page, but it failed on me with too many un-successful replaces in a few hundreds files.

2), I was impressed with this VBA macro I found on Internet named VBA Find and Replace. But it could not work well with the Find and Replace text list. I always get an error saying my name list is not valid.

After one night’s trying, I decided to write my own script to handle such automate job.

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How to rename thousands Word documents file name in bulk based on an Excel list


We have a few hundreds Microsoft Word documents with old catalog names as their file names. We need to rename them with these new catalog ID as their new file name.  Good thing is that we already have these old/new catalog name pairs in an Excel worksheet.

To save the time of manually changing all file names, we come up two solutions/approaches to automate the process.

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Use muliti Monitor app to resolve back-to-back monitors business challenges (Multimon Taskbar vs. UltraMon)

4132102722_64551e67b3_o Today I was asked to come up a solution to a simple request: a co-worker needs to show a form screen to the customer on a secondary monitor after she completed the entries on her primary monitor; after the customer verifies the form fields, my co-worker should be able to move that screen back to the primary monitor.

It sounds easier, but the problem is that the secondary monitor and the primary monitor are sitting back to back. It is impossible for the co-worker to position her cursor on the secondary monitor to drag any windows back without seeing them.

Cloning the two monitors could work, but the co-worker does not want the customer to see every steps during her work afterwards.


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Integrate social networks with WordPress

imageYou have a nice blog site, and you are also playing around in the social networks like Facebook, and maintaining twitter accounts. I do not think you will have enough time to keep all of them updated at the same time. Me neither.

That is why I had to set my focus on one, then use tools to sync others.

Now I keep my minds speak out on my WordPress powered blog site, and allow all new blog posts to be auto-published to the facebook wall, and twitter accounts.

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A nice web tool to capture your computer screen in video format

Recently I discovered a good web service to make the screen capture very easy. Using this tool, you can easily to record what you are doing on your computer, like running applications, browsing websites, etc. Then you can upload your screenshot videos to YouTube, or save as .mov file on your machine locally. This makes sharing the screen shots (or even video training) to your friend like a snap-it.

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