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How to change permission on all files in a folder and its subdirectories in Linux OS

Today I got a call to be notified that a Joomla-powered website went down. The error message is the core file could not be opened due to permission. I checked the file system and found all PHP files had been changed permission as 200 (User Write only). I don’t know why caused it, but I believe it did something with the mal-ware alerted by Google Webmaster tool yesterday.

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[Solved] Can not boot into Windows 7 Safe Mode by clicking F8 key

Windows 7I need to boot my Windows 7 into Safe mode to re-direct the Public folder to another partition (see my previous post). According to previous experience, I know that  booting into Windows Safe Mode requires holding down or repeatedly pressing the F8 key during the POST (before you see the Windows logo). But this time, however, pressing the F8 key in any way or at any time just won’t work (even F5 still works).

I tried a couple rebooting and clicking the F8 all the time, but Windows 7 just booted into the normal mode by ignoring my F8 efforts. Then I had to find another to boot the Windows 7 into safe mode without clicking F8. The following is the way to force Windows 7 into Safe Mode the next time your computer restarts. Continue reading

[Solved] Windows 7 Not Recognizing SATA Hard Drive in Rosewill Enclosure

I used the Rosewill External Data Storage Enclosure to re-use all my old SATA hard disks. It ran well without any problems. But recently I popped in a Seagate Barracuda  internal hard drive into this Rosewill external enclosure, the computer could not recognize it. I tried on different computers with the Windows 7 Home Premium x32 and Windows 7 Professional x64 OS. I have unplugged the hard drive and restarted the computer many times. It uses external powernd is plugged in. I am currently using USB to connect to my computer. When the first time plugged in, I could see the computer installed the driver, but I still could not see it in the device list.

I first thought the internal harddisk was bad, then changed to another empty harddisk, the same problem.
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How to connect to Windows 2003 server through VPN

windows2003You have a Windows server 2003 here, and you want your co-worker in the branch of China to access to the same shared folders on this Windows Server. You don’t have an expensive Cisco network, neither a RADIUS server. Still you can accomplish this by following the simple steps below  just like I did today.

There is a role in Windows 2003 called Routing and Remote Access which can be turned on to make the Windows Server 2003 accessible via VPN through the Internet.

Here are these simple 5 steps you need to follow.

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How to change the new user default profile to another drive or partition in Windows 7

windows7Now you have a new PC with nice Windows 7 operation system and a great big space harddisk. Only thing you feel why we can’t create another drive and put all user information on that new drive separate from the Operation System drive. It makes sense if when you want to re-install the system and keep all user data in the future.

There are a lot of ways to do so and of course there are a lot of tutorials online to show you how to do. Here, I just want to walk you through with what I have done recently, and I feel it is the simplest way to accomplish what we need, if 1)you already configured and set up your new computer with a default administrator user; 2)but no new other users (include the domain users) have been created and logged onto your new computer yet. Then you can continue to use the default local administrator user to log onto your new PC and complete the following 2 simple steps.

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How to Enable or Disable Hibernate in Windows 7

Power OptionI need more disk spaces in the Windows 7 OS of my machine. So I decided to turn off the Hibernate option to save the disk space by deleting C:\hiberfil.sys  file with more than 3 GB big in size (usually this file size is 75% of your installed RAM size). Unfortunately in Windows 7 it is very hard to find the Off option for Hibernate as in Windows XP. I had to do so in DOS command prompt.

Please be advised that if you turn off Hibernate, the Hibernate option will be missing from the Start Menu, Shut Down Windows dialog, and the Advanced Power Plan Options.

To do the following steps, you need to logon to your Windows as the Administrator user.
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How to create more partitions in Windows 7 – Part I

My new purchased Dell XPS 8300 finally arrived this afternoon. Of course, the first thing to do is to create two more partitions since Dell only has one single C drive. Which is not acceptable to me considering both the system and user data files reside on such one single big 2 TB disk.

I used to do it with the third-party tools like PartitionMagic. Now in Windows 7, making new partitions becomes easier even without the third-party partition tools. Just enter the Computer Management console and select Disk Management under Storage node, and you will see all disks, partitions, volumes information there and you can take these disk partition actions there too.

It sounds cool and easy, right? But wrong, you won’t believe such simple task (at least it seemed to me at the beginning) still took me a whole night to straight everything out. During this period, I had so many tries and failures. Good thing was that the machine is brand-new without any personal data on it, so I didn’t need to worry about too much data lose while dealing with disk partition experiment. So here I strongly suggest you practice disk partition as earlier as you just open your shipping package. Continue reading

How to enable or disable user account in windows 7 Home Premium

It is not easy for you to enable or disable a user account in Windows 7  Home Premium with GUI option. In User Accounts GUI, you don’t see that option except the Delete Account option which you might not dare to proceed. According to the online instruction, you are supposed to do so from the Computer Management Console but unfortunately in Home Premium edition you don’t even see the User Account option from the left panel of MMC.

So the easiest way to enable or disable a user account in Windows 7  is from the command line. The following is how you can do it.

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How to share folders with host in Ubuntu using Sun Virtualbox

I use Virtualbox to run Ubuntu guest OS, and followed the instruction to mounadt a shared folder with the host. But I got the following error message when I ran the command “mount -t”.

/sbin/mount.vboxsf mouning failed with error: no such device

After a few tests and tries, finally I got the share folder work. It is an easy task, so I put these steps together and hope it can be helpful for the future reference. Continue reading

Task bar disappeared from my xbuntu system

Today I played around the xbuntu system with a secondary display, and some weird thing happened.

I am not sure what kind of thing I did wrong, all of a sudden the top and bottom task panes disappeared. I looked around all the settings set up screen, but I could not get them back.

The final solution was to delete this user and re-create profile from the scratch then everything came back to the normal.

If you have the similar experience, please let me know since I am trying to figure out why.

Resolved a "STOP 0xC000021A" error on the Windows XP machine

windowsXP The machine of my friend’s all of sudden started to hung up before the Windows logon screen. Later it went into a loop of continuously rebooting. I came in with safe mode and disable the auto reboot upon error feature, then I saw the famous death blue screen with the following error message every time:

Stop: c000021a [Fatal System Error]
The Windows subsystem system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xC0000006 (0x77f632fc 0x004ff228) The system has been shut down.

According to Microsoft knowledge base article, "The STOP 0xC000021A error occurs when either Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe fails." But the root cause of that varies, so it is very hard to pin point the problem and fix it easily.

Unsuccessful methods I tried:

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