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How to change the HOST ONLY IP network in VM Fusion 4

Trying to build a RGNets rXg Wi-Fi gateway on my Mac Pro’s Virtual Machine. I am using the free trial version of VM Fusion 4. Everything went well, downloaded and installed the rXg iso file, and created the new rXg box on top of VM Fusion/Mac. Then I built another VM (this time, I used Windows XP as the guest OS). After I booted into the second VM, I found out its IP is, while the default LAN IP for the rXg gateway is

To make sure the second VM be in the same private network of the LAN of rXg box, I would have to change its IP range.

Here is a simple how-to on make network configuration change on the VM Fusion application on Mac.

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Resolved: print from Mac book to the Windows server network printer

In my company, we are definitely Microsoft shop with Windows domains and 99% Windows PCs on the network. Only two graphic designers and I are using the Mac’s, including my lovely MacBook Pro with the Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 operating system. So to support this tiny group of Mac users became my extra responsibilities, well, okay, I admit that I asked for it.

In the past few month, I figured out the ways to configure Mac to join the Windows domain, disable the auto logon, make the user Windows AD account as mobile account to log on in disconnected mode, to access to the shared folders, and to connect to Exchange server in Outlook for Mac etc. But the printing from Mac to the network printers could not work till last Friday. Continue reading