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A good WordPress plug-in recommended

bestwebsoftI should have written this post earlier since I have been using this plug-in for a while. But I didn’t realize its helpful result till recently I checked my comments section in my blogs.

As a lot of bloggers/WordPress Owners on the Internet, I put the comment spammers at the top of our hate list. I had to spend a lot of time to clean up these junk comments (with ads, links) even my WordPress installed the Akismet plug-in by default.

Things changed after I searched and installed a good CAPTCHA plugin from Bestwebsoft’s developer.  The following is what the plug-in description says about itself.

Plugin Captcha intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot. Plugin asks the visitor to answer a math question.

Well, I didn’t test and use other WordPress CAPTCHA plug-ins, so I couldn’t have a good comparison on it. And only thing here I have to say: it works, and works well for me. In the past month, I only had one or two junk comments on all my blogs compared to a few hundreds before without it.

If you are interested, and want to give it a try too. Search BWS CAPTCHA plugin in WordPress plug-in installation directory; or browse its website Good luck.

How to maintain multiple email addresses in one mail box

logo_outlookmailMicrosoft just officially released its NEW brand of online mail service, I will not spend time here on writing how different, or great it is compared with Gmail or Yahoo! mail. You can google or find the details on ZDNet articles like this one

Today I just wanted to introduce you one of its features I like: put multiple mail alias into one login. Here is how it works: you have a primary account for example, And you want other persons also send emails to your and you will receive in your primary mail box

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Solved Logmein operator or administrator has refused the request 4320 error

Bad weather here, and almost everyone stays home these days. Now we realize how important Remote Access is, like using logmein to access the office machines.

But one of my friends called me and said he could not use the logmein method I setup for him last time. He could view the machines list from the logmein account, and could see the logon screen after he clicked the Remote Control button. But he couldn’t proceed even he entered the correct Windows username and password. The following is the error message he got from logmein.

operator or administrator has refused the request 4320

More information 1) my friend used his non-administrator Windows user ID; 2) he uses logmein free version; 3) and I could remote control the machine with that machine’s local admin ID.

So the conclusion is that there should be additional procedures to make logmein work for normal Windows ID. Continue reading

How to add weather and traffic information to SharePoint page

Recently I added some weather and traffic information to one of our SharePoint page, and would like to share the process here. Of course, you will have to select the right web service based on your location. I use Georgia state here as the example.

Normally to add external information to the SharePoint page, you can use RSS feeds, or the Javascript code snippet provided by the external web site.


I selected not since has domain name restriction.

Here is simple steps to add weather on the SharePoint page.

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You should act to get your favorite Twitter ID back or to protect it from being taken

twitter_logoJust read an interesting article about Twitter’s ID name on CDNET, saying How the restaurant chain Denny’s tries to claim a twitter ID Dennys who belongs to a Chinese guy with Dennys in his first name (

Which makes me think how important the social network branding for the business. Before there was domain name registration war, now we should pay attention on the social networking account name registration as well. If you are a business, and if you do not act earlier someone else will get your favorite name registered first. After that, it is very hard for you to get back provided the first-registered is not going to impersonate you or the Twitter ID associates to his/her name or he/she is active on the using it.

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How to post Twitter tweets onto Facebook Fan Page Wall and Profile status update

imageAs I suggested before (see the bottom appendix part) you can easily connect your Facebook Fan Page to the twitter account. With this connection, all of your fan page status updates will become tweets and be published onto your twitter account.

Now how about the reverse or the other direction around? Meaning, can your tweets be auto published to your Facebook Fan Page Wall? The answer is YES with capital Y, although it is not as easy as the way of linking fan page to twitter.

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How to use the new Google Real Time Search

Google Real Time search is available in most English language searches. Here is how and what you can get from this new feature.

Go to Google main site, and type any keywords you would like to search. And then on the search result page, look for the Show Options on the top of your results. When you click the Expand plus sign +, you will have an extra side bar on the left of the result page.

Now, you can click the Latest option from the list, and then you will see the Google Real Time Search in play.

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How to use Google Free Public Open DNS Services

As I said in my previous post, Google has introduced its own Free Public DNS services to the general public. If you used service before (,, you should be familiar with what Google is going to offer.

Anyway, I still suggest you change your DNS servers from your ISP’s default ones to Google, or OpenDNS in your router instead of single computers at your home.

Here is a simple how-to for you to utilize Google’s public DNS servers in your router (I am using my ISP AT&T’s Netopia Gateway as the illustrators).

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Michael Jackson is the King: the No. 1 of 2009 Top searches from Google, Yahoo and BING

image What does the Google and Yahoo in common? Well, at least in 2009 yearly top searches review, they both have Michael Jackson as the top of top searches 10 in 2009.

According to just published Google zeitgeist 2009, Michael Jackson is the No.1 searched term in the whole world and No. 2 in the United States. It seems more international fans care about this king of pop than Americans, who is caring about more Twitter or Facebook, LOL.

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New Horizons, a good example for business using social networks

TwitterThis week I have been in a training (Microsoft SQL Server 2008) the whole week. And I tweeted about this activity within I mentioned the name of my training provider – New Horizons Computer Learning Center.

Not a long while later, I got a notice from the system saying NewHorizons was following me now. Out of my curiosity, I checked this follower’s profile and found out it is the company that is providing my training now.

Of course, I then followed it back. After that, I could not help but thinking this is the right way how the business/companies should use the twitter, or other social networking. 

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A nice web tool to capture your computer screen in video format

Recently I discovered a good web service to make the screen capture very easy. Using this tool, you can easily to record what you are doing on your computer, like running applications, browsing websites, etc. Then you can upload your screenshot videos to YouTube, or save as .mov file on your machine locally. This makes sharing the screen shots (or even video training) to your friend like a snap-it.

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How to watch Beijing Olympics Games live overseas online

Beijing2008Since only NBC has the exclusive authorization to broadcast all Olympics 2008 games in America, and it only shows American team games at evening prime times. It is very hard to watch some interesting games at real time if they do not have American team participation and not take part in American prime time. I thought I could do it from the internet like before. But this time unfortunately the normal way of watching stream video online does not work since all official Olympics partner websites only open to China region users. That means these video sites block all overseas IP addresses from watching games live.

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How to home network with your Cable and DSL broadband services

Comcast I tried to write up a 3-step How-Tos for getting VOIP through broadband 3 years ago, but never got a chance to finish them. Today, one of my friends asked my help on setting up his home networking over Comcast cable broadband. Then I decided to use some time now to point out one or two important things in the should-be-published-early first step – "how to set up a home network over your broadband without paying extra to your provider".

Usually the broadband providers only provide one computer network service with the regular price and will charge extra for residences to get more than one computers online. But if you already have purchased a router, you should be fine to get the home networking by your own. Just remember some extra steps you need to pay attentions to.

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Street View, a cool feature from Google Maps

Google MapsHave you recently used Google Maps? Maybe you already noticed its new feature from the maps, yes, it is called Street View. What can it do? well, when you browser the maps (of course, on the website of and click the Street View button on the map. You will see a little man icon on the map, and some street view photos will appear when you drag “you” (the little man) on some blue line highlighted roads. These photos just like what you can see when you walk or drive on the road of the Google maps.

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