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[Solved] Windows 7 Not Recognizing SATA Hard Drive in Rosewill Enclosure

I used the Rosewill External Data Storage Enclosure to re-use all my old SATA hard disks. It ran well without any problems. But recently I popped in a Seagate Barracuda  internal hard drive into this Rosewill external enclosure, the computer could not recognize it. I tried on different computers with the Windows 7 Home Premium x32 and Windows 7 Professional x64 OS. I have unplugged the hard drive and restarted the computer many times. It uses external powernd is plugged in. I am currently using USB to connect to my computer. When the first time plugged in, I could see the computer installed the driver, but I still could not see it in the device list.

I first thought the internal harddisk was bad, then changed to another empty harddisk, the same problem.
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How to enable VPN support in ASUS Dual-Band Wireless Router RT-N56U

Just upgraded to a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) wireless router ASUS RT-N56U, everything is working fine but it does not support VPN access by default. With the default setup, when I launched the CISCO VPN Client ( I got “Reason 421, peer no response…” error message after a few minutes’ unsuccessful connection tries.

To allow the VPN access to be used so that I can connect to the company network at home through this new router, I had to enable the IPSec passthrough.

Here is how-to:

  1. First, make sure the RT-N56U has the latest firmware. I have the version when this post is wrote
  2. Go to the ASUS RT-N56U admin interface ( or any IP address you use) with the correct log in credentials (admin/admin);
  3. Click WAN then select NAT Passthrough tab, select Enabled option for IPSec Passthrough as the figure below. Click Apply to save the change.

How to run MagicJack without login Windows for all Users

MagicJack PlusI like MagicJack, at least it has been working for me in past 3 years and I already use it to replace the landline phone services ($29.90 for the USB device and $19.90/year phone subscription service fee). But it still had a couple of glitches in the past few years, at once I had to use the online support chat twice and even was escalated to the super support to resolve my can-not-calling-out problem. Another annoying thing is that you will have to log into the Windows with the same user account who installed the MagicJack to use it. If another family member use the computer with her user account, she has to run the MagicJack executable file exclusively. Otherwise the MagicJack phone services doesn’t work under her user profile.

Here are the solutions to this problem above.

Solution 1, run the MagicJack as a Windows Services.

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Are you ready for Amazon ebook reader Kindle?

In my recent trip to China, I found out the paper book business is still very good. It is understandable, after all the audience pool is so huge and unlike the reading materials on the Internet you still need to pay money for the paper books.

When I mentioned e-book reader to some of my friends, they also said it would be popular too. Since it is very attractive from a huge capacity perspective. With it, you do not carry a heavy bag of books instead of packing a thin e-reader in the travel. But they said we could not see the immediate hit recently. 1), it still depends on a good hardware e-reader: multiple task (music, video etc), light and stylish; 2), not too many e-book available and the technology to protect intelligence rights, and others.

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SONY DRU190A DVD writer can’t access blank DVD-R DVD+R with slaver jumper

Just helped a friend to upgrade her secondary DVD burner. And the installation was the easier part but made it recognize all medias was a harder one.

Since there was another Pioneer DVD burner in the machine already with Master jumper on the secondary IDE channel, I installed the new SONY one with Slaver jumper. After that, it can play any DVD disk (DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW), but could not detect any blank DVD+/-R disks. Whenever any such disks were put within it, and you click the disk driver a “error access” message was prompt. Well, stranger enough the DVD+RW disk was OK though.


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Problem with Partition Merge in PartitionMagic 8.0

Patition MagicI have a hard disk with 120GB in size. And I did two partitions on it to make the first one as C: system drive and the second one as a Data drive. But later on I had a space issue on the C: due to too many programs installed. Then I tried to merge these two partitions in PowerQuest PartitionMagic 8.0, but failed with the following errors like:

Error 4 while executing Batch…. Error 4 Bad Argument/Parameter….

First, I guessed it was because my hard disk had some disk errors. So I did chkdsk DOS command to check and fix disk error on the hard disk I tried to merge. After that, I tried Merge again, but I still had the same error.

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Fix RIM BlackBerry 8703e "JVM Error 523"

blackberry_8307e Challenge: Today when I tried to browser a website on my BlackBerry 8703e, it all of the sudden frozen up and then showed a white screen with "JVM Error 523" in the middle after a self-reboot.

I tried to scroll down and clicked the Reset link under the error message, but nothing happened. I could not even do a power off reset, since the Power button on the top was basically non-responsiveness.

So, I opened the back cover and took out the battery, and then I put back the battery. Yes, I could see the desktop after the boot-up and even the message of "verifying security software…". But unfortunately the blackberry immediately went back to the White Screen with the same "JVM Error 523". At that point, the device is totally useless, since none of any buttons on the blackberry was functional.

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Review: Buffalo DriveStation Combo Hard Drive – HD-HC500IU2

Buffalo_DriverStation_500G.JPGI ordered this Buffalo DriveStation from Frys( a couple days ago with the lowest price $119.00 I could have ever found for a 500 GB external hardDisk. The other reasons I ordered were that it has 3 connection interfaces (USB 2.0, Firewire 4 pin and 6 pin) and the shipping fee is free.

It arrived at my house 3 days later after I ordered which was amazing considered the shipping was free. I opened the package and was satisfied with the size of this hardDisk. It is not too much huge as what I thought at all.

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