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How to change Product Key for Office 2013 Home and Business

The small company I support bought 5 computers and each comes with a product key for the Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business. For some reason,  I put a same key for the second Office installation. And I didn’t find out till the activation process gave me the error indicating that the same product key has been activated in some place else. Continue reading

How to enable ratings/comments on all products in CS-Cart

I compared a lot of shopping cart systems, and finally settled down with CS-Cart. If I have time (I wish) I would like to write down some of my comparison of these e-commerce system (Free Open Source ones and paid one). But even with CS-Cart which is not perfect, I had to do some extra work to get it work in the way we need. Today I just wanted to share one of tips I found to do something CS-Cart doesn’t have by default.

In CS-Cart, the review/comments addon has not been enabled by default. So you either do it one by one, or do it in a mass editing way as the below. Continue reading

How to remove page header and footer while printing in Firefox browser

When I printed some web pages in Firefox, I got these default header and footer information such as Page Title, Page URL on my print-out. In Firefox, there is not any interface for us to turn off or remove these page header and footer.

To remove, you need to change the settings in the its config page. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox;
  2. Click I am careful, I promise to enter into config page;
  3. Type “header” or “footer” in search field to filter all setting related to the page header and footer;For example, you will find something like “print.print_headerright” etc.
  4. Change the value of these print-header keys from something like “&T” to empty or “”; (remember these values in case you need to put back)

You are done, good luck.

How to create a Past Due task list view in SharePoint based on the Due Date

MOSS 2007I am using the SharePoint task list as the action register list for my team. I want to change the default view as Past Due Tasks. I created the view, and named it as “Past Due Tasks”. But I got problem with the filter, since I would like to set up two conditions to filter tasks for this view.

1, All tasks have not been completed yet;

2, The due date has passed today’s date.

First, I selected the column of Due Date, then set up the operator as is less than. And lastly when I tried to put “=Today()” and “=Date()” in the Date field, I got the error “Filter value is not in a supported date format“. Of course, if I put today’s date like 08/04/2012 in the field, everything is working. But I don’t want to change the date value every time I bring up this view.

Later on, I found out the SharePoint filter is taking CAML function. The correct way is to put [Today]  in that field. So my final view should look like the below figure.

How to change the HOST ONLY IP network in VM Fusion 4

Trying to build a RGNets rXg Wi-Fi gateway on my Mac Pro’s Virtual Machine. I am using the free trial version of VM Fusion 4. Everything went well, downloaded and installed the rXg iso file, and created the new rXg box on top of VM Fusion/Mac. Then I built another VM (this time, I used Windows XP as the guest OS). After I booted into the second VM, I found out its IP is, while the default LAN IP for the rXg gateway is

To make sure the second VM be in the same private network of the LAN of rXg box, I would have to change its IP range.

Here is a simple how-to on make network configuration change on the VM Fusion application on Mac.

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Resolved: Office SharePoint Server Search not work

The search function on the MOSS 2007 sites didn’t work. I logged into the Central Administrative Site and click the Search Setting, but got the following error

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {3D42CCB1-4665-4620-92A3-478F47389230} failed due to the following error: 8007042d.

And I checked the Administrative Tools –> Services, and found the Office SharePoint Server Service didn’t start. When I clicked Start Service, but another error dialog window appeared as the below.

Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure

Error 1069

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Resolved: Quickbooks 2012 msi install error 1620

QuickBooksToday I tried to install the Quickbooks Premium 2012 edition on one of the machines, but got a “msi installation error 1620” with the following error message:

…”This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.”…

First thing I tried was to re-install the Windows Installer, but I still got the same error message. According to the Quickbooks support site, it seemed the installation file I had for Quickbooks was damaged.

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How to create a customized view for SharePoint Survey

SharePointYou can create view for lists on SharePoint, and can even modify the current view of the list. But you can not do so on SharePoint 2007 Survey. You can only see two views of the Survey: All Responses, and Graphical Summary. You can’t create new views of the data from the user interface (UI) as you can do for other list, by clicking the Create View in the View dropdown menu.

From the site of EndUserSharepoint, learned two techniques to create or modify views for SharePoint survey:  one describes how to surface data using just the UI; the other shows you an easy way to add a view using SharePoint Designer (SPD). Continue reading

How we finally made the Outlook 2011 for Mac work with the Exchange 2010 EWS

Exchange 2010Last weekend, the Exchange Administrator upgraded our Exchange server from 2003 to 2010. And after then, my Outlook (Microsoft Entourage) for Mac 2008 stopped working. I know Exchange 2010 switched WebDAV to EWS (Exchange Web Services), so I would have to upgrade my Entourage to Outlook 2011.

But even after I upgraded to Outlook 2011, and entered all correct Exchange account settings, the email still could n0t be pulled in. Actually the new added Exchange Account showed disconnected with yellow icon.

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How to freeze top 2 rows in Excel 2007 and 2010


In Office Excel 2007 and 2010, there are three Freeze Panes options (Freeze Panes, Freeze Top Row, Freeze First Column) in View tab Window Group. It is easier to just freeze the first row and the first left column with the last two options. But when I select the first two rows and hit the Freeze Panes, by default Excel freezes four equal panes starting from the middle point. Then how can I just freeze the top two rows?


Just place your mouse or click the cell A3, then View / Window group / click on Freeze Panes / click on Freeze Panes. In this way, your top TWO (2) rows will be freeze.

More detail…

The option Freeze Panes will freeze all rows above the currently selected cell and also all columns to the left of selected cell. So if you want the 2 top rows and no columns, then put select cell in A3 and select freeze panes. Similarly, if you want 4 top rows freeze, then click to select the cell A5, and click Freeze Panes. Or, if you want 2 left columns and no rows, then select the cell C1.

Fixed SharePoint 2007 Site Setting Navigation Editing Problem – The page has been modified by another author


Today, I tried to add a link on the Quick Launch on one of the MOSS 2007 sites. When I try to edit the Site Settings > Navigation > Navigation Editing and Sorting, and publish any changes, but I get the following error:

The page has been modified by another author <time> where time is the exact time in which i have pressed Ok to submit the changes.

Also when I took careful look at the Lists link in the Quick Launch, I found another weird thing. These links seem to have corrupted, with a sort of recurring BaseType=0?BaseType=0?BaseType=0. Even the Sites link has showsite=1 parameters repeated.

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Add watermarks to photos quickly with Photoshop droplet in Windows

A droplet is an executable file generated by Photoshop that allows you to apply a set of actions just by dragging and dropping files or folders on to it. This is a great time saver when you have to apply the same action to a lot of files! If you do this manually, you’ll spend a lot of precious time. Let’s say you have to resize 100 jpeg’s, or apply the same effect (adding watermarks) to 500 more jpegs, or even better, resize, apply the same effect and save them as gif’s. No problem! You create a droplet in Photoshop and the job couldn’t be easier! Continue reading

Troubleshooting and resolve HTTP 401.1 errors in IIS 6 by resetting IUSR password

After an unsuccessful IIS Admin configuration, all of my ASP.NET web sites went down with the following error message:

HTTP 401.1: Denied by invalid user credentials

I checked the server, all web services are running, but just could not browse the web sites. And since all of these web sites are in Anonymous authentication, I believe the cause for it was the below:

This error may also occur when anonymous access is configured. This may occur if the user name or password for the anonymous account that is stored in the IIS metabase differs from the actual information stored in the local user database (or the Active Directory directory service, if a domain account is used).

So the solution is to “Resetting the password for the account and in IIS”. Continue reading