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How to change Product Key for Office 2013 Home and Business

The small company I support bought 5 computers and each comes with a product key for the Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business. For some reason,  I put a same key for the second Office installation. And I didn’t find out till the activation process gave me the error indicating that the same product key has been activated in some place else. Continue reading

Resolved the “Critical Disk Error” Malware

Critical ErrorA friend called that he opened a Microsoft Word file from an unknown sender, and clicked the “Enable Macro” security option, and then his computer stopped working with the following error message window prompted.

Windows has encountered a corrupted folder on your hard drive.

Multiple corrupted files have been found in the folder “My Documents”. To prevent serious loss of data, please allow Windows to restore these files.

And there are two “Restore files” and “Restore files and check disk for errors” link at the bottom. My friend did not believe these messages were legitimate ones from Microsoft and suspected that his computer was infected by some kind of virus / malware. So he didn’t go ahead to click any of these two links and gave me a call. I am glad he did since who knows what would happen if he clicked them.  Continue reading

How to enable ratings/comments on all products in CS-Cart

I compared a lot of shopping cart systems, and finally settled down with CS-Cart. If I have time (I wish) I would like to write down some of my comparison of these e-commerce system (Free Open Source ones and paid one). But even with CS-Cart which is not perfect, I had to do some extra work to get it work in the way we need. Today I just wanted to share one of tips I found to do something CS-Cart doesn’t have by default.

In CS-Cart, the review/comments addon has not been enabled by default. So you either do it one by one, or do it in a mass editing way as the below. Continue reading

How to change permission on all files in a folder and its subdirectories in Linux OS

Today I got a call to be notified that a Joomla-powered website went down. The error message is the core file could not be opened due to permission. I checked the file system and found all PHP files had been changed permission as 200 (User Write only). I don’t know why caused it, but I believe it did something with the mal-ware alerted by Google Webmaster tool yesterday.

Continue reading

How to remove page header and footer while printing in Firefox browser

When I printed some web pages in Firefox, I got these default header and footer information such as Page Title, Page URL on my print-out. In Firefox, there is not any interface for us to turn off or remove these page header and footer.

To remove, you need to change the settings in the its config page. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox;
  2. Click I am careful, I promise to enter into config page;
  3. Type “header” or “footer” in search field to filter all setting related to the page header and footer;For example, you will find something like “print.print_headerright” etc.
  4. Change the value of these print-header keys from something like “&T” to empty or “”; (remember these values in case you need to put back)

You are done, good luck.

A good WordPress plug-in recommended

bestwebsoftI should have written this post earlier since I have been using this plug-in for a while. But I didn’t realize its helpful result till recently I checked my comments section in my blogs.

As a lot of bloggers/WordPress Owners on the Internet, I put the comment spammers at the top of our hate list. I had to spend a lot of time to clean up these junk comments (with ads, links) even my WordPress installed the Akismet plug-in by default.

Things changed after I searched and installed a good CAPTCHA plugin from Bestwebsoft’s developer.  The following is what the plug-in description says about itself.

Plugin Captcha intended to prove that the visitor is a human being and not a spam robot. Plugin asks the visitor to answer a math question.

Well, I didn’t test and use other WordPress CAPTCHA plug-ins, so I couldn’t have a good comparison on it. And only thing here I have to say: it works, and works well for me. In the past month, I only had one or two junk comments on all my blogs compared to a few hundreds before without it.

If you are interested, and want to give it a try too. Search BWS CAPTCHA plugin in WordPress plug-in installation directory; or browse its website Good luck.

[Solved] Can not boot into Windows 7 Safe Mode by clicking F8 key

Windows 7I need to boot my Windows 7 into Safe mode to re-direct the Public folder to another partition (see my previous post). According to previous experience, I know that  booting into Windows Safe Mode requires holding down or repeatedly pressing the F8 key during the POST (before you see the Windows logo). But this time, however, pressing the F8 key in any way or at any time just won’t work (even F5 still works).

I tried a couple rebooting and clicking the F8 all the time, but Windows 7 just booted into the normal mode by ignoring my F8 efforts. Then I had to find another to boot the Windows 7 into safe mode without clicking F8. The following is the way to force Windows 7 into Safe Mode the next time your computer restarts. Continue reading

How to move Public folder to another partition in Windows 7

In my previous post, I showed how to move the existing users’ Document, Pictures, Videos etc to another partition by clicking the Properties and change the Location. But the Location of Public user folders could not be modified in the Windows 7 Normal Mode.

In this case, you can use another way to move your Public user folders from the C: drive to another one (like D: or E:).

First, copy your existing files from the Public user folder to another destination drive. Create a new directory (you can call it the same name Public) on your destination directory (in my case, D:). Then use robocopy command to copy all files from C:\Users\Public to it. The reason to use robocopy is that you can copy even the hidden files.

robocopy /MIR %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Public D:\Users\Public

Now, let us redirect the Public user folder to the new directory.
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[Solved] Windows 7 Not Recognizing SATA Hard Drive in Rosewill Enclosure

I used the Rosewill External Data Storage Enclosure to re-use all my old SATA hard disks. It ran well without any problems. But recently I popped in a Seagate Barracuda  internal hard drive into this Rosewill external enclosure, the computer could not recognize it. I tried on different computers with the Windows 7 Home Premium x32 and Windows 7 Professional x64 OS. I have unplugged the hard drive and restarted the computer many times. It uses external powernd is plugged in. I am currently using USB to connect to my computer. When the first time plugged in, I could see the computer installed the driver, but I still could not see it in the device list.

I first thought the internal harddisk was bad, then changed to another empty harddisk, the same problem.
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